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Make Status Message Appears As a Link

There are many ways actually to display link in status, just try one of these examples :
  • Visit my website! ""
  • "Check out this funny video"
  • This is a link
The trick is if you put an URL and a caption inside your status message, it will appears as a link no matter you put the " " or not. So, why don't you give it a try? Good luck! :)

Show Pointer in Photo Sharing

This trick is so simple. I just discovered it yesterday. Thanks to Sya =P

Have you ever experienced when you have to describe which one is you in a picture? Worry no more, cus you've stumbled upon my blog, and now you're learning something. Lol

Next time, when you're using Photo Sharing you can show pointer by right clicking the picture and click for Show Pointer (Right click>>Show Pointer)

Hidden Emoticons

Wondering why your friends are using different emoticons than you are? And then started asking him/her--Why aa you got emoticons more than i do? Which YM version is that?". Haha. Do you know the 'existence' of Yahoo Messenger hidden emoticons? No? Omg, lucky you're here =P Yeah, there some emoticons that didn't show up in your emoticons list.

Click on this link to view all of the hidden emoticons >> Link

My personal favorite definitely
would be this one >> ;))
Note that the :bz emoticon is only available for Yahoo Messenger version 9.0

Till we meet again next time. See ya! :)


I forgot to mention that there are several plug-ins available for the Yahoo Messenger hidden emoticon. One of them is YEmotePLUS.

Copy this code and paste it into your web browser


Next, just click OK. This will installs
YEmotePLUS plug-in into your Yahoo Messenger. Happy Trying!


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