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hot stuff! hot stuff!
even yoyo the monkey also thinks that this post is hot! lol

mind you, it's not related to my previous post okay~
no more good looking guys are being highlighted in this post anymore
just good looking.. or should i say CUTE looking.. err mugs?
yes, gisele is giving away the birdiesays mug!

you can checkout her post about the free giveaways here
me myself, is a tea addict lover. i drink tea everyday!
besides iced milo.. yeah both works fine for me..
i don't like sumthin' to do with caffeine, cus it just makes ur mouth smells

my personal favourite of mug would be this one - will work for tea
haha.. that truly describes me.. cus usually i won't start my work w/o tea!

btw, gisele also made cute blogger & wordpress templates
i personally think her template is one of a kind
cus it's a combination between cuteness+practicality
you can check out her templates here

this post was made for the Second Giveaway : Win a BirdieSays Mug! contest
u also can join in the contest by writing a post in your blog about the giveaway
it's damn easy, just choose which design u like and linkback Gisele's blog
who knows u might be the lucky winner? psstt.. gisele, pick me pick me!

*sorry for my not-so-good english. haizz. mesti kak aida marah nie. lol*


pecah kaca, pecah simen
sudah baca, harap komen

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